JR LAB Macros (Affinity Photo)

Hello all, sorry for sending out a second email within such a short time period but I wanted to let you know that I released a pack of LAB macros yesterday—they provide a number of non-destructive macros that use the LAB colour model for powerful tone and colour manipulations. They can be applied in any colour format (RGB, CMYK or LAB) as Affinity Photo supports colour model switching without requiring a document conversion.

Manipulating brightness and colour based on the LAB colour model can provide some very natural tonal changes, but these macros demonstrate wider uses—from dramatic but realistic recolouring of colour ranges, to enhancing luminosity based on the A or B opponent channel data and more.

Remember that you can experiment with layer opacity to further increase the usefulness of the macros as well.

So far, the available macros include:

  • Gold Punch
  • Red Gold Matte
  • A Opponent 50:50
  • B Opponent 50:50
  • A+B 50:50
  • A Opponent to B
  • B Opponent to A
  • Reduce A+B Lightness
  • A Opponent Lightness
  • B Opponent Lightness
  • Lightness Contrast Curve
  • Hazy Saturation
  • Tropical Tones
  • Earthy Red Tones
  • Darken Scene
  • Cool Tone
  • Warm Glow
  • Enhance Yellows
  • Enhance Reds
  • Cinematic Blue
  • Urban Teal
  • Pastel Matte
  • Bronze Beach
  • Night Vision

Hope you find them interesting and useful! You can grab them from my website or from Gumroad directly for free. As usual, if you have any questions please feel free to email me: jamesritson@googlemail.com

All the best,


Download JR LAB Macros