JR HDR Tone Mapping Macros (Affinity Photo) - updated

Hey all, just a quick email to let you know that I've released version 2 of my HDR Tone Mapping Macros for Affinity Photo.

Being a fairly straightforward set of macros, there wasn't much to change, but I've added an extra tone mapping method called 'Fast Tone Mapping' which I've found to be quite useful. It's applied via a single non-destructive filter layer, and you can double click the layer to access a simple slider so you can adjust tone mapping to suit the image you're working with. It works well for all HDR material, whether that's photographic or 3D render.

Here's a quick change list:

  • New tone mapping method: Fast Tone Mapping (in addition to Logarithmic Tone Mapping).
  • Two new presets which use the Fast Tone Mapping method: 3D Render and Archviz.

You can download v2 free from Gumroad by following the link below. Hope you find the macros useful!

Get HDR Tone Mapping Macros v2