JR Shortcuts (Affinity Photo)

James Ritson
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Shortcuts to speed up and enrich workflows in Affinity Photo for a variety of users—particularly compositing and architecture workflows.

Shortcuts include:

* Immediately clipping the next layer inside a parent layer e.g. quickly clipping an adjustment inside a pixel layer to isolate its effect.

* Toggling a transparent document background, flattening your document, rasterising and trimming layers, converting layers to masks, adding non-destructive vector fill layers, adding full/empty masks, hiding/showing/locking/unlocking layers.

* Adding common adjustments and live filters for compositing workflows (e.g. tonal matching) such as Brightness/Contrast, Exposure, Channel Mixer, White Balance, Selective Colour, Gaussian Blur, Motion Blur, Live Perspective, Lighting, Add Noise, Clarity, High Pass, Unsharp Mask.

* Rotating and flipping layers, selecting sampled colours, selecting transparent pixels, saving selections.

* Toggling additional functionality like Macro, Library, Assets and Scope panels.

See the included PDF for installation instructions and a table of all the custom shortcuts.

Also included in the preview carousel is a video link to my Compositing Techniques video for the Affinity Creative Sessions. This shortcuts pack was made available alongside the session, where I use some of the shortcuts in a compositing workflow.

10 ratings
  • Shortcut preset files for both macOS and Windows versions, plus readme PDF.

  • Size
    1.25 MB
  • Shortcut preset files for both macOS and Windows versions, plus readme PDF.
  • Size1.25 MB


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JR Shortcuts (Affinity Photo)

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