JR Sharpening Macros v3 (Affinity Photo)

James Ritson
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This macro pack contains implementations of several different sharpening methods, all of which can provide extra flexibility over the standard methods of sharpening available in Affinity Photo (Unsharp Mask, High Pass, Clarity).

These implementations include Multi-Bandpass Sharpening, Local Contrast Enhancement, Gaussian Kernel mask sharpening, Bilateral mask sharpening and more.

All implementations are designed to be as non-destructive as possible, taking advantage of Affinity Photo’s live filter functionality. I would recommend using these macros as a final step before exporting your images.

Experimentation is encouraged—there is no one solution for sharpening that fits all imagery, which is why I am keen to provide several different options.

Please note: V3 and future versions will only be compatible with Affinity Photo V2 and above, as they take advantage of functionality not present in V1. The download bundle does however include a ZIP called "Legacy V1 Macros" which contains V2 of the macros that can be installed with Photo V1 (1.10).

v3 change list:

  • Completely revised bandpass sharpening options: they are now more non-destructive (no merging of pixel layers), with several different ‘strength’ options that are more logical (categorised by the width of sharpening, e.g. micro, fine, regular, wide).
  • Structural Contrast: creates a mask based on image structure and enhances contrast in areas with more structural definition.
  • Edge Contrast: uses V2's new live band-pass mask to enhance contrast in very fine edge detail, increasing perceptual sharpness.

v2 change list:

  • Updated Multi-Bandpass Sharpening macros to use linked reference layers, significantly reducing file size bloat.
  • Added Fine Bandpass Sharpening, for very subtle fine detail enhancement.
  • Added Repetitive Bandpass Sharpening, for stronger detail enhancement that can be controlled with one Radius value (all bandpass layers are linked). Provides a stronger effect than Fine Bandpass Sharpening.
  • Added Enhance Depth & Contrast, to enhance perceptual depth and local contrast non-destructively.
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JR Sharpening Macros v3 (Affinity Photo)

100 ratings
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