JR Matting & Keying Macros v2 (Affinity Photo)

James Ritson
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Quickly apply non-destructive matting and keying functions to your imagery, including chroma keying, alpha matte adjustments and alpha inpainting.

Easily use any layer non-destructively as a mask (without having to use Rasterise to Mask). This allows you to maintain external file links, for example with alpha render passes that might be TIFFs, PNGs or JPEGs.

Quickly extract white backgrounds from images. This can be used as part of a batch job to speed up background extraction tasks.

Non-destructively multiply or divide alpha channel information.

Chroma keying (e.g. green screen key) with configurable tolerance, matte spill and antialiasing.

Rasterise and inpaint alpha information, e.g. filling out empty areas after straightening a photograph's horizon.

Fine tune, clamp and smooth alpha matting on a mask or a layer's alpha channel.

Luma keying with configurable tolerance, good for blending composite effect layers.

See the included PDF for installation instructions and a detailed explanation of how to use the Matting & Keying macros.

Free to download, but if you want to donate for time and work it's much appreciated :)

Version 2 change list:

  • Use Layer as Mask: Non-destructively converts the selected layer to alpha data. You can then click-drag the layer onto the thumbnail of another layer and it will become a mask. Great for render compositions where the alpha pass is a flattened bitmap, and you want to maintain the external link if the render passes are updated.
  • Alpha Smooth: Non-destructively smooths anti-aliased alpha pixels. Useful for masks where fringing is apparent around matted edges.
  • Alpha Matting (Curves): Allows you to control blending of anti-aliased alpha pixels, which is very useful if a mask’s result isn’t quite suitable for the compositing requirement (e.g. pixels are too transparent, or not transparent enough).
  • Alpha Matting (Levels): Allows you to control blending of anti-aliased alpha pixels using Black and White points.
  • Extract White Background: Useful for stock or manufacturer imagery where you quickly need to ‘cut out’ the object from its white background. Removes the white background and provides an Antialiasing layer to control the matted edge detail. Comes in contiguous and destructive versions as well.
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JR Matting & Keying Macros (Affinity Photo)

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JR Matting & Keying Macros v2 (Affinity Photo)

33 ratings
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