JR HDR Tone Mapping Macros v3 (Affinity Photo)

James Ritson
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Fast, non-destructive macros that apply natural logarithmic tone mapping to your HDR images using procedural functions.

Why use these over Affinity Photo's built-in tone mapping (using the Tone Mapping Persona)?

  • Completely non-destructive, applied as a group that you can simply show or hide. Easily change the base exposure or add more adjustments to control the tone mapping effect.

  • Instant application: no delay required before the tone mapping can be applied. Run the macro and see your tone mapped result straight away.

  • Natural result: compared to the Tone Mapping Persona, these macros will present a result that is more natural and closer to how the human eye would have perceived the scene.

  • Seamless 360 tone mapping: these macros are a great solution for 360 imagery! Tone mapping via the Tone Mapping Persona will leave you with a visible seam because the process is not seam-aware. These macros however will let you tone map 360 imagery with no seam when the image is projected.

V3 Changelist:

  • Completely revised Logarithmic Tone Mapping (should now render faster) and Fast Tone Mapping (now referred to as Tone Compression). Also added Highlight Tone Compression as a third method.

  • Revised the presets and made them more suitable across a wider range of imagery.

V2 Changelist:

  • New tone mapping method: Fast Tone Mapping (in addition to Logarithmic Tone Mapping).

  • Two new presets which use the Fast Tone Mapping method: 3D Render and Archviz.

See the included PDF for installation instructions and a detailed explanation of how to use the Tone Mapping macros.

28 ratings
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JR HDR Tone Mapping Macros v3 (Affinity Photo)

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