JR Channels Macros (Affinity Photo)

James Ritson
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Contains functions for channel manipulation, including creating greyscale pixel layers from colour information and separating the channels into additive layers. Here are just some of the functions:

* Isolate RGB channels for retouching and blending on separate red, green and blue pixel layers.

* Luminosity masking setup.

* Output RGB channels to greyscale layers for blending (e.g. luminosity).

* Quick channel swapping for infrared photography.

* LAB 50:50 mix (whilst staying in RGB/CMYK) for interesting tonal effects.

* Linearised RGB channels as layers for blending.

* Intensity and Luminance gradient maps.

* Min/Max greyscale blending for masking and blending.

* Channel Packing for game development (packs Red/Green/Blue-named layers into Background layer).

See the included PDF for installation instructions and a detailed explanation of how to use the Channels macros.

15 ratings
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JR Channels Macros (Affinity Photo)

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