JR Blender Filmic Macros (Affinity Photo)

James Ritson
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Instantly apply the Filmic view transform and looks to your 32-bit (EXR/HDR) renders in Affinity Photo non-destructively.

Emulates the Filmic view transform and looks (e.g. Very High Contrast, Low Contrast) that you can apply in Blender.

These macros are intended for HDR documents (OpenEXR, Radiance HDR). When saving to these formats, Blender writes out linear scene-referred values, so you do not get the Filmic view transform and looks applied.

Applying the Filmic view transform and looks in Affinity Photo is possible but complicated, and involves copying the Blender OpenColorIO configuration files and pointing Affinity Photo to them.

Instead, these macros can be added to a fresh install of Affinity Photo—no other dependencies like OpenColorIO—and you can apply the Filmic look you want non-destructively.

If you want, just apply the Filmic Log transform—no look—and shape the tones yourself using Affinity Photo's adjustment layers.

For convenience, move between different colour spaces non-destructively (Rec.709, Rec.2020, ROMM RGB, ACES CG, DCI-P3). Profiles are included in the macro file so are portable—no dependencies.

Free to download, but if you want to donate for time and work it's much appreciated :)

23 ratings
  • Blender Filmic Macros (Affinity Photo)

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  • Blender Filmic Macros (Affinity Photo)
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JR Blender Filmic Macros (Affinity Photo)

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