JR Astrophotography Example Documents

James Ritson
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This is a set of example .afphoto documents to demonstrate various astrophotography editing workflows in Affinity Photo.

Please note that you will require Affinity Photo 1.10.0 or later (updates are free, so users do not need to be financially restricted to a previous version).

Each document will allow you to fully explore the non-destructive layer stack—you can hide, show and manipulate layers and see how they all contribute to the final result.

These documents illustrate the most ideal editing workflows, taking advantage of Affinity Photo’s expanded toolset that can be used for 32-bit linear colour spaces: there is no need to flatten and convert to 16-bit in order to use a further range of adjustments, tools and filters.

I hope they give you some practical ideas about how to approach your own astrophotography editing within Affinity Photo!

All documents have colour-coded layers to help visually identify the layer structure. The colour code key is provided in the readme PDF.

Each sample document can be downloaded individually, and there is a preview JPEG image for each document.

Current documents/objects:

  • California Nebula HOS

  • Cone Nebula Ha

  • Heart Nebula Ha

  • Helix Nebula HORGB-L

  • Orion Nebula OSC

  • Rosette Nebula SHO

  • Sculptor Galaxy LRGB

  • Tarantula Nebula HaOIII

  • Tarantula Nebula LRGB

  • Crescent Nebula OHS

  • Pleiades RGB

  • Squid Nebula OSH

  • Thor's Helmet HSO

  • North America Nebula OSC

  • Witch Head Nebula LRGB

  • Rho Ophiuchi LRGB

  • Vela Supernova Remnant OSH

  • Gabriela Mistral Nebula OSH

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Individual .afphoto documents with full non-destructive layer stack, plus PDF readme



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JR Astrophotography Example Documents

23 ratings
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